Underhill Road



Welcome to my webpage for my layout Underhill Road, I’ve been a railway modeller for too many years now and have exhibited layouts with clubs and by myself.

Ive gone back to my roots of P4 modelling in a period I have modelled before in OO gauge Scottish region 1970’s under name of Ting tong yard.

This layout started out after two individual baseboards were bought with P4 track already laid, the first layout portrayed a southern region engineers yard called Balfour Road,  this was featured in a early Railexpress issue.

Underhill Roads baseboard has sat for a fair few years untouched while club layouts like Farkham has taken my time up along with Ting Tong yard.

After a time a way from modelling to indulge in my other hobby of fast fords, I finally found the love to return to railway modelling.

The layout baseboard was found to be to wide for its new home in the spare room so it was narrowed and three points were removed and a new siding laid in place, slowly over 2017 I’ve started to build the layout at same time building new stock.

As a member of Define I had set myself a date to finish the layout for our open day in Jan 2018.

I have chosen two periods to time to model between 1967-1972 and 1974-1977 in the Scottish region. The layout isn’t modelled on a Scottish location but I’ve used the suburban secondary line as it’s base.

Ive ventured into cutting up a Sutton locomotive Works class 24’s and rebuilding them into 25/0 and 25/1.



The layout is almost complete and with just small details to add then its onto stock.

A little update on the locomotive stock front has been the build of a class 06 shunter which will soon be in corporate Blue as 06007



Another new wagon added to the fleet


Also a small rake Presflo cement wagons.


Another small update a small rake of TTA tanks weathered



A earlier period of time on Underhill.


Another little update from a different view point


Work continues on the 06 shunter now fitted with a chip and stay alive unit.


Another earlier model added to the fleet a class 20


A visitor to Underhill from a later time.


A little preview of my Sutton locomotive work conversion of a class 24 to 25/1 due to be published in Mays model railway journal


Another Rat being built for the layout is this hornby bachmann hybrid with resin tanks


Now complete and weathered 25068


New wagons now ready for weathering


All complete and weathered.


The class 06 joins the ranks of motive power on Underhill.


A YOB crane for a later period makes a trip into the loop.


A little little update I’ve been building a few wagons for a later period and also the next P4 layout.

Also a set of etches for six palbrick wagons to be built up.


A Heljan class 26 being built up for the later period, this started out as my star buy as a none working model for 20 pounds the last owner had managed to paint the wheels after a clean up everything worked, the model was a early version with tablet catcher which was filled in along with the door windows to represent the class later in life.


26044 with all main colours on now wait for washes and weathering.


A selection of rats and mc rats with air braked stock on Underhill Road.

Not posted for a while but underhill has still been moving on with stock a vca with 3D printed sides and bill Bedford springing units and six palbrick wagons are slowly coming to feather for the early period on the layout.


A items of stock being test run on Underhill for the new layout.


The latest up date is the palbrick wagon kits

Another update is this Railfreight class26 awaiting weathering

Thanks for joining me!






A new rat in production


SUTTON’S LOCOMOTIVE WORKSHOP is pleased to be able to reveal that its new 4mm scale model locomotive is the BRITISH RAILWAYS CLASS 25 DIESEL. More specifically, we are depicting the later (re-styled) machines encompassing part of the 25/2 and the 25/3 sub-classes, introduced to the network from 1963.